PEAE 2024 technical tracks span original research in the field of Power Engineering and Automation Engineering for applications in all fields of science and technology. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Power Engineering:
Smart Energy Distribution and Control
Energy Management Automation
Grid Stability and Protective Technologies
Renewable Energy Innovations
Energy Storage Solutions

Robotics and AI Integration:
Robotics Design and Control Systems
Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration
Autonomous Robotics and Machine Learning
Ethics, Safety, and Reliability in Robotics
Energy Efficiency in Robotic Systems

Industrial Automation and Intelligent Systems:
Control System Applications in Smart Industry
Human-Centered Automated Manufacturing
Automation in Transportation Systems
AI-Enhanced Decision Making in Engineering
Innovative Control Algorithms and Techniques

Smart Technologies for Sustainable Development:
IoT Applications in Smart Cities
Eco-friendly Engineering Practices
Smart Grids for Energy Efficiency
AI in Environmental Management
Robotic Solutions for Sustainability